Tuesday, December 30, 2008


As 2008 fades away and 2009 emerges I think of all the individuals that have played a vital role in my life. Some are still with me; others because of their own actions are no longer in my circle. And then there are those who will forever be with me, heart, spirit and soul. I thank God for bring all those people into my life because in his own mysterious way they helped me. I know that at times its difficult to understand and have faith in something or someone you have never met but honestly what else do we have? What do we own?

The clothes we buy, the cars we drive, no. the only things we own are the things that are given to us by God, Allah, whatever or whomever it is that you choose to believe in. think not of the misfortunes of your life but think of the great things you have. As simple as this may seem, be thankful of the fact that you can actually see your screen and that you are able to read. Be thankful of the fact that your heart beats, that you can smell your momma’s cooking, that you can feel the warmth in a kiss from a loved one. But most importantly be thankful for the fact that you are here because tomorrow isn’t promised to me and you. There are 365 days in a year and not a day, not a minute, not a second is guaranteed.

There is no warranty on this item you call life. So before I sign off a lways remember that Tomorrow is Full of Hope and Opportunity…for those who are still here. You have been given a gift of life so when the day comes that you no longer are among us you see your happiness break thru your grief, that you let light break thru your clouds. Chase your dreams before you are followed by your nightmares. God Speed to all.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


As i sit in front of my laptop my mind begins to wander into a distant land....a place where nobody can reach me,
the thoughts and views of everyone around me no longer interest me. The burden of people's presence is no longer....I'm not to sure if you still with me on this one but its like my physical form remains here while my mental state is far beyond the sky.....far beyond the universe that this planet seems to inhabit..I'm officially gone into a place that i call "neverland"

Rapid thoughts run ramped through my mind shit that i can't change shit that i can change but how and why would i wanna change....I guess the constant thoughts of being.....wait scratch that attempting to be different becomes a strain on my everyday life...while i look for many diverse motives to break the holds of "the ghetto" OG Contradiction keeps pulling me back....is this is all i have left in life?? will my music help my spirits lift from the position they are stuck in??? i guess this motivation comes all from with in....

Walking through Neverland blasting my soundtrack to life......picking the wicked wild flowers glancing at the scenery realizing i really don't understand what life is.....see while I'm just living to die why am i so afraid to just......DIE......don't get me twisted yall I'm not contemplating suicide but im just saying if the main objective is to make to heaven then why the hell are we so busy trying to get rich....this is what happens when i tap into my Never Ending Thoughts that i simply cant let go...these thoughts constantly flow through my mind.....I guess at times im constantly STRANDED IN NEVERLAND.......

This journey never seems to never end i just keep going and going.....until the point I'm officially lost while Alice chased the rabbit down that rabbit hole its like my mind has converted into that same rabbit hole....and Alice is just dwindling down and down and down...i guess in all actuality Alice is my motivation as she continues to fall and people look on from their television screens i wonder will she survive???? shit will i survive??? I know I'm throwing rapid thoughts at ya but hey this is the mind of an artist.....When Alice finally lands and realize the land she has found her self in and i stand up and look around and realize the the land im stranded in i feel at peace

The most cliche line to say would be they say "what makes you can break you" ......well here is my thought for the person who said that line my pants fly is open place your mouth here...see the one person that can break you stares back at you in the mirror everyday...the one person that lets me down the most happens to be my self.....DAMN there's so much more that i can say at this moment but I'ma leave these entry incomplete because these thoughts of mine are NEVER ENDING THOUGHTS.......