Monday, November 23, 2009


Dremur TV Episode 1

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pastor.Manning (WHY?????)

For those who know my full name (Andre Manning) this instantly caught my attention....not what he was talking about but his LAST NAME!!!! Dope-ness people share this last name always have power words to speak....check it out

Gym Class Hereos - Live A Little

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Black Dynamite Contest

So I was on twitter the other day and I came across @Chaundon tweets and he was talking about this contest to help promote his project The Black Dynamite and he was also trying to recruit new follower for his website(dopeness)....those who know me know I support all hip-hoppers no matter white green purple....male female...straight gay or bi-sexual we all in this grind together at least that's how i feel....and the more we open to help each other the more opportunities that will I'm a let Chaundon from take it from here :

____________________________ ____________________________

I thought about the BLACK DYNAMITE contest and I felt its a bit unfair to the people who supported me early to be out of the runnings to the $1000 prize since I was looking for the 5,000th customer & the 10,000th follower. So I'm going to amend the rules in order to make it fair to everybody!!

So here it is:

I'm still looking for the 5,000th customer to buy BLACK DYNAMITE from When we reach the 5,000th customer he/she will win $1,000 then I will have a live lottery drawing on to choose another winner for the $1,000.00 cash prize. The contest ends December 25, 2009 and the drawing will be on December 26, 2009 @ 8pm est

For contest #2

I am looking for the 10,000 customer to become a follower to my new site

Here's the twist, I will have two lottery's!! When we reach 5,000 members I will give out
$500 to the winner. Then when we reach 10,000 members I will have another lottery and award the next winner $500!


Fair enough??



So many people complain about REAL HIP-HOP not getting the shine it should well this is your and my opportunity to support REAL HIP-Hop.

If your a support of Dremur and my movement then supporting Chaundon is definitely the right path lets go people sign up for that website cop the album and try to when some paper.....

ARTISTIC PEOPLE UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eternity Fly Co Sign: Sev Da Producer mixtape

Usually I'm not into gangsta hip-hop but when placed nicely over Sev's beats it all came together and was very enjoyable...I loved the giddiness of Ransom's track "Big Wheels" but he could have saved the southern slang for them southern folk. "Monsta" by Sic Osyrus, Emilio Rojas, Nico The Beast, French Montana was definitly dope I'm familiar with Emilio while everyone else it was my first time hearing them, everyone did there thing lyrically so that was a ++++

A stand out track for me would have to be the " Female takeover" I remember when Sev was looking for female artist I tried to get my home girl Epiphany Blu on it but he never hit me back (#fail)...But even with out her on the track it was nothing but straight lyrical flows....(NICE)

"400 shoots" was reminiscent of snoop doggs murder was the case that they gave me intro mixed with a new york hard hitting drum vibe. When it came to story mode Sev recruited the right cats for "Twist of Fate" definitely kept me entertained.

Production wise Sev put it down pretty well hard hitting drums, dope samples and some really dope composed beats looking forward to hear his next project. Haven't downloaded your copy of Sev's new mixtape...well hurry up and click the link support hip-hop music...

----Peace Love and Prosperity

Rising Above The Violence

So this morning I woke up and I found myself watching the news for the first time in a long ass time.....and I actually saw something very interesting but extremely sad...Can't remember the details to the T but feel free to do the research...

A young girl was hit in the cross fire of a shoot out in the Mott Haven area of the Bronx 2 other people were hit as well....and then later on that evening a couple was shot while sitting in a car. And now there will be this non-violence rally,I also heard that 106 and Park had like a non-violence special and Jeremih spoke to the teens...that was all fine and dandy but being honest folks how can we stop something that the United States of America was created off..

Violence is a disease that has been spread for years its a bigger epidemic than the flu,bigger than the AIDS virus. For years people have been trying to stop it, yet we invade countries we still have police officers abusing their power and so many dysfunctional traits that lead to more VIOLENCE...

While it seems okay to use gangs, drug, and hip-hop as a scape goat for why there is so much violence in the streets its really not. No matter what you use as a reason for war, reasons for attacking an unarmed person no matter what race or creed that is still a act of violence....

Standing up and saying that we need to stop violence in our community rises above the urban neighborhoods we reside in, its time we stand on the step of City Hall and fuck being political we need to be real about it and face the facts...Just because I'm living a positive lifestyle doesn't mean that the next guy wont take my life....LETS GET IT TOGETHER

Now I'm not acting for use to have a modern day Utopia but lets be serious somethings need to change....They stopped spraying us with water a long time ago and turned it into floods of bullet shells, racial slurs, subliminal racism and hate amongst our selves....

----Peace Love Prosperity

Bleach, Nip. Tick: The White Beauty Myth

I started watching this on and it really started to make me think, if you think about the recent pictures of baseball great Sammy Sosa. The pictures of Michael Jackson and how their skin was altered to look more white.

While many will believe this comes from white people who make these people of color feel inferior please....try again, because celebrities aren't the only ones who want to be lighter..... Or even have their bodies altered to seem more "European white approved"....

Their are plenty of dark skin people who feel that with lighter skin they will become more accepted by society, they feel that more options will open up for them they feel that they would become more accepted.

In my eyes this is sad to see because I'm dark skin and would never want to alter my skin for no circumstance what so ever......Watch the video drop you thoughts on this situations....
There's so much more i can talk about but I rather have you guys watch the video and drop comments

----Peace Love and Prosperity

B.o.B No Man's Land

-Dope nothing more to say

Top 5 Rappers Alive: Dylan

Couldn't watch this video with out thinking about this

LOL this shit is hilarious remember when he chokes Wyclef LOL....."Your getting to close man"

The Return of Sonic AKA Charles Hamilton

I was just talking about this dude with my homie Yc the Cynic pretty dope to see that this dude is making his return back to the scene

Monday, November 16, 2009

NEW MUSIC/Video : Dremur X Thoughtz X Wordspit

So late last night i decided to record some new freestyle material can't have enough of that the first part of my freestyle is really a freestyle nothing was written for that one....
I WENT STRAIGHT OFF THE DOME SON!!!! (LOL)....the second joint was a joint a did a while a simple boom pap drum pattern....enjoy

My boy Thoughtz came thru to Dre's Crib Studio(s) and recorded this dope ass freestyle over Kayne West "Say You Will" check it out!!!!

Last but Not Least the homie WORDSPIT X Shorty Pop Lights Camera Action....and a very attractive female NICE!!!! peep the video

Wordspit say's:

"My homie Chandler over @ ShortyPop Posted this SEX SEX SEX Photoshoot, with Miss Chantal on YouTube. Notice the song in the background is LCA off the Coolest BBoi Stance!!!! WE THE ILLESTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

P.S I need an introduction Mannnn lol."

Sunday, November 8, 2009



I honestly believe this song is well over due for release......This record is pretty dope a lot of my family friends love this record...and my male friends think its pretty freaking dope....well at least the word play i present to you another song from For the Love of Dilla "Mr.Edible feat. Mr.Geronimo"


Peace Love Prosperity


Monday, November 2, 2009

Eternity Fly Co-Sign

Whats going on everyone this is the return of The Eternity Fly Co-Sign....for those who have no clue what Eternity Fly is that is my clothing line that I'm still looking for sponsors so that I can get that up and running....but anyways on to what i am writing this Blog post for....

During this past year i have had a very great opportunity to come across two very great artist that I am really proud of calling my friends.....

The first artist I would like to introduce you to goes by the name of A.T.M
Hailing from the borough of Queens, Nyc I had the divine opportunity to meet ATM and his fellow green
teams members during his first interview on my internet radio show The Corner on f DTF Radio .

Since then ATM has been steadily on his grind, scouring many different interviews doing many different shows, along with success comes many haters but ATM proved that he's got it in a "bag" (inside)

Now I am proud to announce that ATM will be dropping a new project soon and he also will be having a album release party hosted by DTF Radio own Miss stacy

I'm advising you guys get familiar with ATM because he is steadily on his grind....

Follow @ATM on twitter



Street Socialite Interview

This next artist what in a few words "goes bang bang bang" hailing from New Jersey, Nyc's sister state Sah Diggity aka Sah Boogie or simply SAHRIL !

I had the opportunity to meet Sahril through my friend and fellow Starvin Rebels group member Epiphany Blue...and from the moment I spoke to him I knew he was hands down a dope MC!....and that says a lot from a first time meeting.

A while back he drop a project
The Wet.Plug.Trip EP and as much support as Sahril has shown for me thus far I Lebron James jumped at the opportunity to help Sah promote this project.

So tonight ladies and gentle men i bring you a free download of Sahril's Ep

Sahril Presents The Wet.Plug.Trip EP

Check out the album and dont be affraid to drop hit say up on twitter @Theonenonlysah
on twitter

Sahril Single "Bang"