Sunday, June 28, 2009

NYC Soul Singer

This man has an amazing voice.....I wonder what happen to him that left him and his partner singing in train stations...Its time like this I wonder.....nothing more to say --- DRemur

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Michael

I never thought the day would actually come when a ICON.....that i grew up listening to would pass least not so soon....Michael Jackson MOON WALKED into our lives...and HEEE HEEEE into our soul....

no matter if he was telling the world that BILLY JEAN is not is lover or talking to you about DIRTY DIANA he always reminded you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.....During this time of morose we must REMEMBER THE TIMES that we cherished his music his present and his dance moves...

As a entertainer many looked to the great Michael Jackson as motivation..... his stage presence was uncanny his music was motivational and his legacy is legendary...After 44 years in the music business he bids a sad and silent farewell.....

While many stories will surface discussing his life.....his triumphs and his defeats forever shall Michael Joseph Jackson ( 8-29-1958 ---- 6-25-2009 ) live in our hearts... thank you for so many years of great music....we miss you already and we will forever eternally love you....

Peace Love and Prosperity
Much Love

Mixed bY Yung M.I.- Michael Jackson X I'll Be Missing

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trick Shot Mastery - B.Manley - LL6

So I was on TWITTER and I was looking at Shaqs page and he said that he wanted to play some dude in HORSE for a stack (1000) no me being the nosy dude that I am I said hell and clicked the link....

Well allow me to declare this dude the winner check out this video....they say white men cant jumb but this white man damn sure has master the art of trick shooting....

Shaq big homie pay this man

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clipse feat Kanye West - Kind of a big deal

White Boy Spazzing OD....LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009

J.Cole XXL Interview

Peep this interview he said some really deep deep shit....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jadakiss Feat Swizz Beats and some other dude LOL

RIP STACK BUNDLES 10-21-82-------6-11-2007

I remember the first time that i ever heard stack b...i had my doubts it was like
WATEVER!!! just another drug dealer spitting about drugs.....WRONG......This dude had so much charisma...his punch lines amazing his style his grace excellent....I knew he rocked with Desert Storm but every birdie eventually needs to fly on his own Stack signs to Byrd Gang...a major move for a major dude....But just like the 90's lost BIG L a Harlem Icon in my eyes we lost Stack Bundles....So this is my way of paying homage to a dude that should have soared beyond the mountains but now lives in the sky....RIP STACK B

Sunday, June 7, 2009

B.E.P - I Gotta Feeling

Song is really dope Fergie was looking mighty had his lil Franky Lymon part LOL.... dope song

I like the concept B.E.P has always brought something funky fresh and new to the table i still hear the auto tune on will's voice but to each is own

Move Over Wii Project Natal has Taken over....

One of my boys at work told me about this new shit at work and i didnt believe him....but when i went over my boy Hi-Jynx blog i was made a believer....

check this hot shit out...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kenny (Jihad) Chamberlain's highlights

Dame Dash Spazzin

Ok sooo this happen a few years back but after seeing Fabolous do his version of it I did some diggin to find out what really went down

PART II Kind of Choppy audio is good though


Choke No Jokes: Dame Dash's outburst Pt 3 and Jay-Z in Puerto Rico from Miss Info on Vimeo.

Token Black Guy - Turn Me High

this shit is dope

Fabolous vs Def Jam

"Fuck yall niggas know about pizza!??" LOL

Fabolous does it again...this nigga is hilarious

Kanye West Feat GLC and Consequence

Loved the song in '04 and i hyped to see the video