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Hop Da Great Feat Microphone Bully - Bigger than L.I.F.E

Nice promo video by my dude @HopDaGreat

Peace Love Prosperity

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UPDATE: Dremur Present's....

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Story Of Rebel

“– Nothing more than a moon amongst a constellation of star “

Dremur - Why

“Grind till the sunshine” a simple phrase that means a lot to a young Bronx breed MC, who doesn’t desire the glitz and the glam of the industry. He’s satisfied with being heard. Raised by a single parent Dremur has been dealt his fare share of dilemmas unlike many of his close friends and peers he choose to rise above. His fear of pursuing a music career soon subsided after meeting Donny Goines, an underground MC steady on the rise, who gave him some wise words…”no matter how tired or lazy you feel if you want something you go for it no matter what”. Those words have remained embedded in his mind ever since.

Dremur is humble and down to earth and feels the simple things in life are the best things in life. He loves all things that are artistic from dance, painting, and singing. Dremur understands that music as a career choice can be a very challenging journey but with the right support and the right connections he is ready and willing to face all hurdles.

Dremur is also one fourth of hip-hop group Starvin Rebels, along with J.Haz, Mr. Geronimo and Epiphany Blu. Constantly referred to Kanye for his appearance, Lupe for his flow and Common for his word play, Dremur remains level headed and looks at these artists as people who have created a platform for him to follow.

Although the market is full of dance songs and poppy beats with auto-tuned hooks, his outlook on the game still remains the same. The cliché line would be that Dremur is a breath of fresh air, but to be honest he doesn’t feel that way. “I’m more reminiscent of what was, a reminder to the older cats and real hip-hop heads that lyrical craftsmanship still exist”. He is unsure of where his career will go as an artist but he is an avid believer if you can’t get in one way then you better find another.

If you have not yet heard of Dremur you soon will, as he continues to grind until his name is a common name on the hip-hop scene. As a writer of feel good music, a lover of art, and all around great guy, Dremur has the motivation, determination, talent and charisma to reach his dream and turn it into a reality. Currently Dremur is working on his first EP, For the Love of Dilla which is slated for electronic release February 2010. He is also working with his group, Starvin Rebels on their debut project as well.

“As an artist I just love the fact that my music could possible make someone feel good, and become motivated to take it to the next level. That’s what I want for people, to find peace, love, and prosperity. That’s why I say that at the end of all my messages because I’m searching for it and so should all my people”

Monday, September 21, 2009

Run Chris Brown Tonight


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soul Sister (A Women's Worth)

African Queen Pictures, Images and Photos

What is a woman's worth??? A question that many men wonder and say they understand and know the exact value of a women, but do they? Do these men really understand the value of these women. Well I'm not going to say they all do but a large proportion of them do, now I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I'm le professionnel when it comes to woman but i do know how they should be treated, well at least i think I know....this here is my testament on what I feel a woman's worth is....

While it may seem cliche to say a woman is worth more than any amount of currency this dysfunctional country can produce it is obviously true. We have all heard of with out a strong woman by a man's side he can not be successful. Now I know i have raised a few eye brows among those MACHO MEN little boys who feel they don't "NEED NO BITCH" ....but lets be real folks if you don't have a girlfriend you love, there is definitely still a woman you love (mother, granny, aunt, daughter etc). And these woman inspire you to do great things point, blank, period....Most woman are viewed as gold diggers, scandalous hoes, skanks, smut and sooooo much more....But are they really all these things....

To me a woman is the gateway to all things possible....yeah it takes two to to to to have her vagina stretched out in order for this future leader to be brought into this world...and one so called "real man" to verbally slap that woman down and degrade her to be labeled a hoar...Wrong in so many ways....

I feel that no woman should have to go through such things but realistically they do....To me a woman's worth is matter shape, size or creed there isn't any estimated value that you can place on a woman....This country was built on the backs of black men who were determined to make things right for their black women...someone tell this black man where did that determination go??? I'm not saying that we should all hail to the queen but mothers day , anniversaries birthday, and valentines day shouldn't be the only days we cater to our women...

Yeah they piss you off at times and you can't stand being around them but lets keep it real when you found that soul sister that holds you down and when i say hold you down i don't mean she will scrap for you I mean three-hundred and sixty degrees....she holds you down...she is more than someone you sling dick to......She is your air you are her trees.....she is your moon you are her ocean tide....

Understanding the true value of a woman takes alot and even to this day I's still learning...we do our dirt, truth be told there is nothing more greater than finding your soul sister....i think I found mine :-)....Treat that woman special because understand this ever DOG gets his bone BUT every BITCH won't bite....respect that woman understand that woman....and that woman will show you that all things is possible

With that said Peace Love and Prosperity

~~~~the rebel the poet the mc

Friday, September 18, 2009

Best Article Ever!!!! : Def Poetry

Are you a hip-hop fan who can’t tell assonance from alliteration? An English major who doesn’t know Biggie from Tupac? Adam Bradley’s “Book of Rhymes” is the crash course for you. The book — essentially English 101 meets Hip-Hop Studies 101 — is an analysis of what Bradley calls “the most widely disseminated poetry in the history of the world”: rap, which he rightly says “is poetry, but its popularity relies in part on people not recognizing it as such.”

Ebet Roberts/Redferns

Melle Mel, left, and Grandmaster Flash, 1983.


The Poetics of Hip Hop

By Adam Bradley

248 pp. Basic Civitas Books. Paper, $16.95

Bradley, who teaches literature at Clare­mont McKenna College in California, distinguishes himself from the growing glut of hip-hop scholars by writing a book about rap, as opposed to hip-hop: not a study of the culture or a history of the movement, but a formalist critique of lyrics — almost an anachronistic effort in the era of cultural ­studies. Like so much work in the genre, though, it’s by and for the already-sold: those interested enough to care whether 50 Cent’s rhymes are monosyllabic or disyllabic, invested enough to wonder why rappers prefer similes to metaphors (because similes “shine the spotlight on their subject more directly than do metaphors,” Bradley says).

To that end, the first half of the book is a triumph of jargon-free scrutiny. Bradley takes on rhythm — from the Greek rheo, meaning “flow,” which is apt: flow is what rappers possess — and dissects rap’s “dual rhythmic relationship,” its marriage of rhymes and beats (with the beat defined as “poetic meter rendered audible”). Next comes rhyme: “the music M.C.’s make with their mouths.” “A skillfully rendered rhyme strikes a balance between expectation and novelty” — e.g., “My grammar pays like Carlos Santana plays,” per Lauryn Hill — and for rappers, rhyme “provides the necessary formal constraints on their potentially unfettered poetic freedom.” The chapter entitled “Wordplay” is the strongest, and that’s appropriate, since play is what hip-hop does best. We’re treated to lyric upon juicy lyric — not just from the usual suspects, to Bradley’s credit — filled with similes, conceits, personification, even onomatopoeia (“Woop! Woop! That’s the sound of da police,” KRS-One rapped).

But the rest of the book disappoints. There are labored discussions of style, that mélange of voice, technique and content; of storytelling (rap has its screenwriters, investigative reporters, memoirists, children’s authors and spiritualists, Bradley notes); and of signifying, otherwise known as swagger, derived from African-American oral traditions like the dozens and the toasts. The author delivers unrevelatory revelations: “All rappers are poets; whether they are good poets or bad poets is the only question.” And he asks questions — “Can rap be both good business and good poetry?”“Why is braggadocio so vital to the art form?” — that have long since been answered by others.

Throughout, Bradley draws surprising connections. Langston Hughes’s 1931 poem “Sylvester’s Dying Bed” is set alongside Ice-T’s classic gangsta track “6 ’n the Mornin’ ”; they employ the same form, and both make ample use of the vernacular. Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is analogous in structure and story­telling style to the Sugarhill Gang’s landmark “Rapper’s Delight.” Robert Browning’s portentous dramatic monologues are akin to Eminem’s. And the Brooklyn rapper Fabolous’s brusque style earns comparisons to John Skelton’s chain rhyming — which might as well be hip-hop, 16th-century style: “Tell you I chyll, / If that ye wyll / A whyle be styll, / Of a comely gyll / That dwelt on a hyll.” Such parallels are vital to Bradley’s central claim: “The best M.C.’s . . . deserve consideration alongside the giants of American poetry. We ignore them at our own expense.”

But who’s the “we” here? Bradley wants to legitimize rap by setting it in a canonical context, but aren’t we past the point of justifying it? True, CNN is clueless enough to ask, as it did on a 2007 program, “Hip-Hop: Art or Poison?” But no one is really still debating whether hip-hop is a bona fide art form. “Rap rhymes are often characterized as simplistic,” writes Bradley, who admits to finding himself “in the position of defending the indefensible, of making the case to excuse the coarse language and the misogynistic mes­sages.” He needn’t try so hard; in his tone of unwarranted protectiveness, he seems to forget that hip-hop now earns highbrow props worldwide. After three decades, it doesn’t require a defense attorney.

Baz Dreisinger, an assistant professor of English at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is the author of “Near Black: White-to-Black Passing in American Culture.”

Original Article:

Starvin Rebel TV : After Nuyorican 9-4-09

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Definition of My Forte of Hip-Hop

What is Conscious Rap?

By Henry Adaso,

Conscious Rap Defined:

Conscious rap is a sub-genre of hip-hop that focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge. Conscious rappers traditionally decry violence, discrimination, and other societal ailments. It's propelled by the conviction that radical social change comes through knowledge of self and personal discovery.

Elements & Style:

Most conscious rap songs contain positive, uplifting messages, often delivered over smooth, ear-grabbing beats. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious 5's "The Message" and Slick Rick's "Hey Young World" are grand examples of early conscious hip-hop tracks.

Conscious Rap vs. Political Hip-Hop:

Conscious hip-hop is often confused with its musical cousin, political hip-hop, possibly because they both speak to social turmoil. A disdain for commercialism is another common thread that weaves the two styles together. Politically charged songs by the likes of Dead Prez and Public Enemy are usually delivered in a militant fashion. The conscious message, on the other hand, empowers by uplifting the listener. Close your eyes and pick any album from The Coup's catalog and you will have walked in on a crash course on political hip-hop.

The Gift & The Curse of Conscious Rap:

Socially aware hip-hoppers often dissect the attitude and ideals propagated in mainstream culture, but the approach is not without its limitations. Since they often create music for headphones, and not necessarily for mass radio, conscious rappers are generally less accomplished than their mainstream counterparts. With the exception of a few (Nas and Kanye West, for example), conscious artists typically get pummeled on the charts by their more popular mainstream peers.

Despite the prestige attached with being the Voice of the People, many rappers detest the "conscious rap" label, because of its limiting virtue.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Abuse of Power or Too Much Pride (People Vs Police)

I just like many of folk have have been harressed by the cops, and when i say harassed i don't mean i was sitting outside smoking weed and they just pulled up on me. That right their is an open invitation thats like a drunk girl walking around naked with fuck me I'm drunk tattooed on her vagina. I'm talking about these random searches you know sort of how when slaves who were free had to carry around the letter from their master who freed them....Yeah that type of harassed.

And then we hear the oh so usual questions where is your I.D. what is your name why are you hear...and when you ask them why are you being searched either your told shut up and don't worry....or they hand you some bullshit story..."well uh there was incident that happen by the project which happen to 37 blocks away from you around the corner up a hippo's ass" so and so forth...But what is the real reason the search us??????

"Is it cuz im young and I'm black and my hats real low" (Jay-z) Well I'm gonna play mind reader move over HOV....See it almost goes tit for tat if you look suspicious they will fuck with you ....Now i'm not saying this because I'm trying to defend them...nah! son not at all, but lets be serious if your sitting in a large group and you happen to be ummmm lets say "urban" the first thing that comes to mind is gang activity. That is one of the main reasons i don't chill will large crowds situations happen and fuck having fun my safety is more valuable. I'm chasing a dream and i cant chase it if behind bars.

AND then its the case that we all know oh so well....the abuse of power...oh yeah that power that makes the law feel as if they are the LAW!!!! urrrgghhh so tough.Slow down Denzel, whatever nigga you pay bills like me, get stressed just like me...and if your young you probably dress just like me...but since you wear a badge you feel your above me??? because you run red lights and park by hydrants that makes you above me??? because you are protected by a law that says if i put my hands on you it is a felony you are above me??? So that means i must sit down like a good little nigga and do what you say?? (slave voice) "Well no siah I will not!...

Its almost like they made a law for every so called "Bill of Right" we borrowed...and i say borrow because as soon as you attempt to use one they take it away by adding a law to cancel that right out...What ever happen to the right to gather?? Large crowd cops roll up and tell everyone to go home and there was no fighting no nothing but since the feel something will happen everyone most go home..smh....what ever happen to Freedom Of Speech...a cop can freely curse you out....freely threaten to knock their teeth out and the list goes on but if you respond to them in that manner they will lock you up for disturbing the peace, or for disorderly conduct....So me telling you i live in the building and im sitting outside my APARTMENT means I'm acting disorderly but you walking up on me with your hand on your gun screaming "I don't give a fuck go up stairs"....DAMN SHAME!

See to the politicians sitting up on they high horse these fine fellows are doing their job but to we little guys sitting at the bottom of the mountain its more like they are ABUSING their POWER to STRENGTHENING their EGO...Idk man you guys be the judge some of you may refute my statement...but those who have been harassed by the PO.PO will agree....



Ester Dean feat Chris Brown

This was a pretty dope video the song was iight....Chris Brown came thru and did his thing....I know he can do better but it was a real fun track....Looking forward to him finally stepping out of the shadows and back into the music videos.....

Kanye Say's Im Sorry

When I normally watch these apology videos I don't listen to what the person is saying, I'm paying more attention to how they express it.....I believe Kanye is sincere about his apology but at the same time i believe the night he walked out on to the stage was his breaking point....I believe this outburst came because he never really had the opportunity to mourn the loss of his mother.....The same year his mom passed he, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell had embarked on the glow in The Glow in The Dark Tour.....I hope Kanye gets some help or takes some time off.....

with that said

Peace Love and Prosperity

Monday, September 14, 2009

King Kanye Leader of the Mantrums (blog & video)

As I read through my friends aim, twitter, myspace, and facebook update i see a oh so common name (Kanye) and how he is a foul dude, nigga, jerk etc......etc....Those who know me very well know that im not one to be into the whole award show thing just not my forte. Well tongight my black ass should have been watching because it aint no part till Ye has a mantrum and once the mantrum starts it don't stop owwww.....But ummmm yeahso Kanye West storm the VMA stage last night and said " Taylor you had a good video but Beyonce had the greatest video EVER!!!!!". And Taylor Swift responded like any other 19-year old suburban white-girl would "OMG KANYE"

As if he just pulled his over size testicles out and smacked her with it...whoa! guys im not saying I have seen this parts but come on you have to have some big balls to be on to a live show...storm on stage and say what Kanye did.

Twitter went crazy with #Kanye jokes....and i was responsible for a lot of em....(woot woot get em Dre). But one thing i couldnt understand is why didn't people see this coming. Kanye is viewed as a ver outspoken man. He also viewed as arrogant son of a bitch but hey the man is a genius , now I'm not in now way trying to say what Ye did was funny or cool i think it was corny, but this man is known for throwing fits when shit doesn't go his way. If I can mirror back Kanye said he would chill out and stop spazzing out the way he did.

Somebody get this nigga a bottle and let him sit on Santa's lap because his maturity level when it comes to responding to things not gone his way declines rapidly. Now after a while pictures surface of Kanye walking the red carpet with Amber Rose....(hmmm damn she was looking mean in that cat suit...i swear to god i would put the busi.....) Uhhh yeah in his hand what was clinched a bottle of understand this I use to drink I use to smoke and under the influence you can do some pretty dumb shit. But sorry T-Pain I'm not gonna blame it on the aaaaahhllchol....

Kanye West is a grown as man and is responsible for all his actions. While most people would say Kanye West has cast a shadow over the black community, sorry dumb asses theres enough people already doing that. What Kanye West did was turn this rain cloud that surrounded him and his childish behavior into a whirlwind storm.

Alot of people claim they will no longer listen to Kanye West I think thats bullshit because if you listen to Jay-Z record that is produce by Kanye you are listening to Kanye.... They will eve claim they will never listen or buy his album again well, we shall see. In my eyes Kanye West is a FUCKING GENIUS......but c'mon brother learn how to control those emotions please for the sake of you. Go down in history is the greatest producer to have done it the greatest artist to have done it....Not the biggest BITCH!!!

With that said Peace Love and Prosperity


Amber Rose My Laud!

Ok Yall I for One thinks Amber Rose should do porn....I mean LOOK AT HER GOT DAMN!!!! (my girl is gonna kill me but oh well). Now I heard she was a stripper which means she doesnt have a problem taking it off.....LOL hey im just speaking my mind LAUD HELP ME

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

One beautiful night me and the talented Epiphany Blu sat in Washington Square Park and we watched the stars that were so far above us, and then we watched the stars that surrounded us. Yes people you read right we watched the stars that surrounded us. This earth, this city NEW YORK CITY to be exact is a melting pot of artistry. Yet so many bright stars burn out but why and what causes these stars to burn out. How is it that these stars never reach their greatest potential. If your from New York then you know damn well that you don't have to go to Broadway for great entertainment. All you have to do is travel around the city and every street corner subway and park you will find someone who has a audience coo-ing over them in amazement of how talented these people are. But these young, old, pretty and ugly folks that you sit or stand and then toss change to are extremely talented and brave, and smart and stupid at the same time.

Smart because everyday they use these same talents to swindle you out of ur pocket change and occasional pocket lint. Dumb because they fail to realize if they took what they use as HUSTLE more serious they could be doing better things with their lives. This is why im writing this blog today because i wonder what is it that stops the young people from perusing their goals. Is it the white man or laziness? well to answer that question folks it must be laziness because the white man is now HALF BLACK (BAM!). Is it drugs or the parental factor(ie becoming parents or their parents disapprove) this list can go on and on and on about what stops people from reaching these goals.

I live in a fast pace city where everyone walks fast and of you move too slow for someone it can be rather annoying. But i take my time for the simple fact that i like to see the people of New York, when ever I see someone singing or dancing or playing drums on large plastic paint container i stop and I wonder what stopped you. And then I ask my self will that stop me wil those hardships that caste over these people soon rear its ugly head over I...........

I can't say it wont and i can't say it will all i can say is i have to face negativity in order to triumph with positivity. Although this people aren't in the light now doesn't mean at one point they weren't shit happens for a reason right? I look at these people as inspirations because they might not be on Broadway they might night be dancing on tours but they still have the motivation to get up off their asses everyday and still use that skill god blessed them with and make money off of it.

So whether it be drugs, family issues or what ever they case maybe these people are still star's in my eyes.

"Star light, star bright//star light star bright//
First star that see out tonight// makes me wonder will they ever change their liff// will ever again shine so bright//star light star bright"
Peace Love and Prosperity

~~~~Dremur the Rebel the Poet the Mc

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fighting For Futures

This will be my first performance this year as you all kno I am currently working on my FOR THE LOVE OF DILLA EP....and on SEPTEMBER 26 I will be performing 2 songs from that up coming Ep....if you can make it please show love if not we will video tape it so that you guys can view it.....