Wednesday, December 9, 2009

KID CUDI - Pursuit of Happiness (video)

Its funny im tired of people calling KID CUDI wack this dude is really dope.....If you compare him to all these other dudes that clog the air waves....HE's BRILLIANT....Cudi doesnt have your typical hip-hop style he infuses some of everything just like many other artist do....and that PERFECTLY FINE....he's an ARTIST and that's WHAT ARTIST DO! I like Kid Cudi and I hope he exceeds beyond everyone expectations of him peace


Living Green said...

What is that really saying if you're comparing him to people that suck? That within itself definitely adds nothing to his value. If you're running a race and beat the dude with the crutches and one armed dude in the wheel chair, what did you win? He's pretty terrible. I'm sure he could be better though. But he's not so nice and what's mostly different is the production that he's been performing over. The half singing in this song is bad. Perhaps people are tone deaf. He's monotone and there are never any harmonic elements in his sub par melodies. His voice is not in the least melodic. People that actually sing would be offended. I know quite a few who are. It's like Kanye singing poorly. Either stay in your lane or have respect enough for the art form to refine your attempts. Vocal training. This is just an honest analysis. Content wise he's not offering anything substantial and he's not really clever. So I can't see a reason to continue to listen to'em. I wish him no ill will, just don't see him as contributing to the evolution of music. Sonically creatively, nothing... I'd rather see and hear some of you younger heads doing your thing with some music that actually comes for a real place. Peace.