Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knowledge Ya Self

I heard about this situation form my comrade J Monopoly of the OISD crew and told my self the minute I get home I will peep the video and blog about it as well. I'm sending my hopes out to Big Zoo who I have had the opportunity to meet and even showcase my skills at his EODUB event. Just like Zoo I work with kids as well (Dre-Dre love the kids). What differs me from Zoo is the fact that my lyrical content is MUCH different so my participants seeing my Youtube videos is a-ok. In a age where youtube can make a simply sally in to the next big thing and turn the big boss man into a lowly worker, I have learned that you must extremely cautious with what gets posted online. I hope he doesn't lose his job over this because this be taken too far out of context way to far because along with removing his videos 2 account Natty Night and Donovan Kasp were suspended. With the suspension many videos of other performers including my self were removed. The power that we give to these social networks about who can control what ever they want is stomach turning. #THATISALLPEACE