Thursday, January 1, 2009


What is tradition?Tradition just happens to be one of the most frequently thrown around words by our elders.Some of us grow up to be just like these elders..we say we don't want that that,but we end up walking and talking JUST LIKE THEM.I believe tradition has plenty to do with that.I mean why else are guys expected to take off their hats in buildings,be chivalrous,and all of these things no one bothers to explain to us?Or how about the way girls are expected to be daddy's little girl forever without the respect of being a human being every now and then?Don't get me wrong y'all I happened to believe in holding a door for a lady,and just being genuinely polite to anyone in general,But some people expect and take advantage of this in the worst ways possible.A great teacher of mine in high school once told me "Tradition isn't always right,its just tradition".I swear to God he was one of the best teachers I've had in my life because he broke out of the academic shell and EDUCATED us..feel me two different things.
The main thing i challenge all people to do is to ask yourselves why do i follow this tradition,and what does it mean to me?Is it right? or Am i just being programmed by a loved one/elder?I want us to ask ourselves that question because if we continue to follow bogus traditions for the sake of longevity,then alot of cycles won't be broken.

I mean .. racism and prejudice could be looked at as a tradition not just a lifestyle.In the South where traditional lynchings would occur just for the sake of celebration could be seen as one example.Also does anyone remember the lessons in history class about the Spaniards "evangelizing" their conquered colonies?How about Britians own Rudyard Kipling declaring to the world what the "White Man's Burden" is?All of this to be honest is pure bullshit...I may not be asking for radical changes or radical revolutions..but I do ask these newer generations to question the authority around them.Just because we don't have a martin luther king... and a civil rights moment to back us up doesn't mean our society doesn't need some sort of reform.To be honest its.. what I would call "fighting the war at home".
The main idea is to question,not to revolt against every single tradition known to man.Traditions such as Sunday dinners with a genuine loving family,or holiday get together that miraculously cause a dysfunctional family to get along are beautiful and should be left as is.Traditions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving though,need to definitely be questioned.I love what they do in terms of bringing families together..but those stories need to be blown the fuck up.Thanksgiving was just another holiday celebrating how the pilgrims wiped out the Indians.Christmas..which happens to be such ideal holiday happens to be one of the most materialistic holidays ever.Spoiled kids have a reason to bitch some more,and sometimes innocent pure heart-ed people are corrupted by what they believe is a promise written in stone feel me?.For the last several years I've received less and less gifts and it didn't effect my outcome of what I thought of the holiday...Who I'm with,Where I am,and what I'm doing determines my holiday outcome..not a gift that I'll eventually get tired of.

Once again I say shit,i aint a fool i enjoy a nice gift just like the next man,but the point is simply that I could do without it.
Traditions have a funny way of biting you in the ass,especially when you not tryna interfere with anyone I dunno how about.. the tradition of asking the parents blessing or "permission" to date their Son/daughter.I have no idea how many people this has effected but I do know it can seriously get in the way when you truly love someone.That tradition should be eliminated and be turned into a preference.We don't live in a third world country anymore.. and that shit is the worst when two people love each other like truly..and someones parents wants to step in and be a big baby about it.Listen I don't believe that a mother and father should just give their children away to whoever but I also don't believe that they should make their kids literally miserable with their actions due to their disapproval.. or their over protection.

There's a thin line between Fathers protecting their little girls..and just... being the ones who are actually hurting them...and as someone who's been through it.. I know.. it literally breaks ya heart.. and tears ya soul apart..When you give the world no reason to disapprove of you..and yet they still find a reason..that's life to be simply put.We gotta be careful with this one people.. cuz whether you plan on having kids.. or have em already... our jobs are to protect them.. not hurt em.. so be very very careful with this one.Just think about how life has turned out for you.. and the person you love.. or how you want it to turn out if you ever do really fall in love?Do you really wanna be that parent? .We're a counter culture to Generation X... or we are Generation X.. they say we wont make it.. they say alot of things about us... just.. dont let them say that we're exactly like them...