Saturday, September 12, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

One beautiful night me and the talented Epiphany Blu sat in Washington Square Park and we watched the stars that were so far above us, and then we watched the stars that surrounded us. Yes people you read right we watched the stars that surrounded us. This earth, this city NEW YORK CITY to be exact is a melting pot of artistry. Yet so many bright stars burn out but why and what causes these stars to burn out. How is it that these stars never reach their greatest potential. If your from New York then you know damn well that you don't have to go to Broadway for great entertainment. All you have to do is travel around the city and every street corner subway and park you will find someone who has a audience coo-ing over them in amazement of how talented these people are. But these young, old, pretty and ugly folks that you sit or stand and then toss change to are extremely talented and brave, and smart and stupid at the same time.

Smart because everyday they use these same talents to swindle you out of ur pocket change and occasional pocket lint. Dumb because they fail to realize if they took what they use as HUSTLE more serious they could be doing better things with their lives. This is why im writing this blog today because i wonder what is it that stops the young people from perusing their goals. Is it the white man or laziness? well to answer that question folks it must be laziness because the white man is now HALF BLACK (BAM!). Is it drugs or the parental factor(ie becoming parents or their parents disapprove) this list can go on and on and on about what stops people from reaching these goals.

I live in a fast pace city where everyone walks fast and of you move too slow for someone it can be rather annoying. But i take my time for the simple fact that i like to see the people of New York, when ever I see someone singing or dancing or playing drums on large plastic paint container i stop and I wonder what stopped you. And then I ask my self will that stop me wil those hardships that caste over these people soon rear its ugly head over I...........

I can't say it wont and i can't say it will all i can say is i have to face negativity in order to triumph with positivity. Although this people aren't in the light now doesn't mean at one point they weren't shit happens for a reason right? I look at these people as inspirations because they might not be on Broadway they might night be dancing on tours but they still have the motivation to get up off their asses everyday and still use that skill god blessed them with and make money off of it.

So whether it be drugs, family issues or what ever they case maybe these people are still star's in my eyes.

"Star light, star bright//star light star bright//
First star that see out tonight// makes me wonder will they ever change their liff// will ever again shine so bright//star light star bright"
Peace Love and Prosperity

~~~~Dremur the Rebel the Poet the Mc